Bus Ministry

The Bus Ministry of New Life Baptist Church was the first and most enduring of all ministries started here for the purpose of reaching souls by bringing children and adults to New Life for the purpose of hearing the gospel and teaching them the Word of God.
The Bus ministry is directed by our Assistant Pastor, Gary Withers, has been the face of the bus ministry for many years. The bus ministry has endured in spite of the rising cost of gas and insurance and has weathered many financial and personal storms. Our trust here at New Life has been in the Lord Jesus Christ and carrying out his great commission. We have endeavored to give him preeminence and he has come through time after time by providing the means to keep bringing our folks to church.

Hospital Visits

Many a family faced with the serious illness of a loved one in the Hospital ICU has been comforted with the refreshments and literature left by these caring ladies who attend to the area hospitals in an on going effort to let people know that someone cares and is praying for them.
The stress and load of an anxious wait is enough to break anyone’s spirit, and this outreach becomes an oasis for those in need of a friendly gesture. The ministry serves not only CMC-Northeast Medical Center in Concord but other local area hospitals within easy driving distance of the church.
Several times a month, a group of ladies leave the church with their baskets and make the rounds to the area hospitals. Like every ministry of the church, this one also has a singular focus, “OTHERS”.

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