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Media Ministries

Media 002

The Media and information ministry is information outlet arm of New Life Baptist Church and it’s associated ministries.

It encompasses the Book Store where Bibles, Christian books and materials are sold as well as CD’s, DVD’s of the services and events. Our bookstore is managed by Bro. Curt Irvin (back row second from right).


The Display Screens are used during the services to display songs and announcements. They are operated by Sis Consuelo Scott and her assistants. The operators perform the screen functions providing the church congregation with the words to songs and scripture verses during our services. In the new church expansion this informational role will be expanded to provide information to the lobby and other areas of the church concurrently with the services.

The Church website is our internet and web connected source of church information. The site makes it easy for church members and friends of the ministry to keep informed of church functions, events, and schedules and to make monetary contributions to the church online from anywhere in the world. The website is managed by Bro. Howard Burton, Sis Kimberly Strickland and Bro. Glenn Wallace.

The Audio booth is our PA and sound operators led by Bro. Marvin Odom and assisted by Bro. Wardell Isom.


Bro. Glenn Wallace Media Specialist (New Life News)


Media 046

Bro. Robert Neal Camera Operator

The Video Ministry is composed of New Life Productions and Digital Pulpit Productions. New Life Productions is the material and equipment arm providing the New Life Broadcast which is seen on WHKY-TV14 and Cable channel 18 every Monday night at 9:30 PM. This broadcast is recorded live during the Sunday morning service. The recordings are prepared by Digital Pulpit Productions Studios for broadcast format. Digital pulpit also records events and weddings on the property of New Life Baptist Church for members and guests for a modest fee. Information regarding costs and scheduling can be obtained in the church office. The video ministry will be soon going live with a webcast in the new auditorium. The Video Ministry is led by Bro. Wardell Isom. The broadcast is prepared by Bro. Timothy Myricks, and Bro. Howard Burton.  The New Life News and feature video presentations are prepared by Bro. Glenn Wallace.


Media Leadership Group

l to r Marvin Odom (PA, Sound & Lighting) Howard Burton (Media Team Leader) Wardell Isom (Video and Sound) Counsuelo Scott (Display Screens) Curtis Irvin (Book Store and Shipping)