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New Life was started in an old store front building on Highway 601 South in Concord North Carolina in September of 1982. 15 children and 6 adults gathered together in the former pool hall for the first service where Pastor Steele outlined his vision for a ministry that would reach and minister to all people regardless of skin color or economic status. Almost 30 years later at a new location on Biscayne Dr., this is still the vision of the ministry here as people from all walks of life and different backgrounds gather on Sunday mornings and Wednesday night to worship and study the word of God.

The Holy Spirit used the bus ministry and Tuesday night soul winning to produce the most vibrant and fastest growing ministry in the region. At New Life we believe in reaching people with the gospel, on the property and off the property. We believe that ministry in order to be effective must not only witness to the lost and win them, but to grow and disciple them and to minister to the whole man.

This type of ministry takes time and resources, so New Life’s focus is not in multi million dollar building programs to build monuments to man, but building souls for the kingdom. Our focus has been on Kingdom living and preparing a people for the Kingdom of God. We firmly believe that the Kingdom of God is to be a part of the life of God’s people here on earth, as an admonition of the Savior’s model prayer. Matthew 6:10 “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” Every July here at New Life we host the annual “Kingdom Empowerment Conference” to teach others what has become a reality here. At New Life you will witness kingdom living in action and we hope that as you visit with us often enough it will become part of you as well.

Dr. Steele has worked selflessly giving himself to the ministry and God has blessed him richly. Over the years he has had the opportunity to preach to thousands of people across this country and abroad. He shares his joy of ministry with his family who as well has a heart for ministry.

Our Motto isĀ “Reaching the lost, teaching the found, sending the taught”